Monday, September 8, 2014

Remote Mentoring

As we have trained pastors through biannual conferences, we have noticed that the spiritual momentum achieved during the conferences decreases between conferences. Pastors no longer have the initiative to implement tools they learned while they were with us. In an effort to maintain progress in their ministries, we have begun to meet with pastors outside of the conferences to mentor and encourage them in their ministries. For pastors in Chiapas and Guatemala, we are only able to meet with them one additional time per year so we have begun communicating with them via Skype and other video call methods. Before the conference in Chiapas this September, Pastor Rafael and I travelled into Guatemala for one day to visit with pastors close to the Guatemalan-Mexican border, and help a few of them set up video calling methods and accounts.

Pastor Carmelino talking with Pastor Marco via Skype

Pastor Rafael and I crossing the bridge into Guatemala

Pastor Carmelino in the top picture is currently pastoring in a city 2 hours from the border, but will likely be moving to start a church closer to the border. This transition is not his desire, but that of his denomination, so please pray for him and his family's ability to adapt to this new assignment. As we were leaving, Pastor Carmelino told us to tell YOU how thankful he is that someone is willing to minister to him. As Pastor David mentioned in the GCP video some of you have seen, pastors throughout Latin America diligently minister to their churches, but very few people are ministering to them. Thanks for enabling us to be God's encouragement and comfort for them!

Returning to Mexico! Can you see the look of relief on Rafael's face?

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