Sunday, March 15, 2015

Where do you live?

What's more exciting in school than a Field Trip! Recently, Alistair's class took a Field Trip with the purpose of observing what different houses are made of and how people live. This motivation coming from a recent lesson they had in class . . .

The lesson explain that houses are made of different materials, such as straw, wood, rock, adobe or brick. This does take you a bit by surprise when coming at it with an American perspective. I do remember American schools, through questionnaires, being concerned about whether you had somewhere to live or not, but there was never any question about what your house was made out of. In this lesson, students were learning that the way people live depends on the customs and characteristics of the places where they live. In Mexico, you could be in the big city in a big apartment building or in a small puebla in a hut and everything in between.

So, Alistair's class was shuttled from school in Las Varas to Chacala, the fishing village where we live. This is about a 10-15 minute drive. Ready to go!

We were able to observe the fishing boats & fishing nets sometime abandoned on the side of the road, thatched houses, hotels (big & small), cement block houses, restaurants on the beach, and more. The teacher had previously asked if Alistair would like the class to visit his house and he said, "Yes!". So next stop was our house . . .

Next stop the park . . .

The last stop was the restaurant that one of Alistair's classmate's family runs. They served us delicious ceviche with tostadas & soda. Then a few games on the beach & we were ready to head back to school.

But first, two of the boys took over for the fellow mariachi singer that was entertaining in the restaurant and sang a few songs themselves, which everyone loved.

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